Attention Not Wanted is a harrowing 30-minute insight about the disturbing reality of the victims of stalking.

This piece was developed in conjunction with Greater Manchester Police, using accounts from victims and their families, and it premiered at the National Stalking Awareness Week, Manchester. Inspired by true experiences, Reforma Company member Danny Kennedy and guest actress Heather Errington received critical acclaim from audiences and more importantly the victims families.

Attention Not Wanted is currently in talks with Greater Manchester Police and other agencies into securing funding and taking the work on an educational tour with attached workshops. For further information please get in contact.


National Stalking Awareness Week

Bury Focus Feature


"So moving it made police officers cry"

"I can’t believe how movement can tell a story of real life in this way"

"I didn’t get why dance theatre was part of this event but seeing the performance left me speechless, it was so effective"

"Everyone should see this"