It all started with a love story, so what went wrong?

Butterflys weaves a complex journey, from the smile of love to the smile of deceit, emotionally leading you through the light and shade of a trusted and betrayed connection. Reforma has created a dance theatre piece based on the reality of domestic violence. Having worked closely with Women’s Aid, Choreographer Heather Adele Kirkpatrick has created a verbatim style piece, which tells the real story of living in a violent relationship.

Horrifically two women a week die from a current or former partner and this piece is designed to raise awareness and offer guidance. After any performance of the piece, Reforma offers a duty of care in which information, women’s aid counsellors and support workers are there to offer the audience advice if they have been affected by the performance.

Experience dizzying highs and plummeting lows, moments of euphoria and happiness interwoven with devasting and crushing acts of mental and physical abuse from a range of different couples. Created in a verbatim fashion using the accounts of both men and women's unfortunate experiences of domestic violence, and having worked closely with victims and their families, Butterflys invites you to see what happens behind closed doors.

Butterflys has to date has performed at an array of theatres including the Robert Powell Theatre Stage at Leeds.


"I just could not stop watching"

"Tragically beautiful"

"The performance by Reforma manages to do that in such a tragically beautiful way which can pull at even the toughest of heart strings"

"Reaching the peak of the act I was unsure whether to cry or to leave the theatre. Not because it wasn't worth viewing but because it was an incredibly tough watch that reached emotions I didn't think a dance performance could reach."