Educate rather than discriminate

Prostitutes also experience vulnerabilities such as violence, rape, sexual assault, homelessness, drug and alcohol problems that may impact on their sexual health. Sex workers along with other marginalised groups such as men who have sex with men and those who inject drugs are often considered at risk of HIV. Sex workers were targeted for HIV prevention work from the mid 1980s and budgets were allocated for services and projects with a specific component for HIV prevention.

Although sex workers are severely affected by HIV in many parts of the world, they are also one of the groups most likely to respond well to HIV prevention campaigns. A total of 4,670 people with haemophilia were infected via blood transfusion with hepatitis C between the late 1970s and mid-1980s, of whom 1,200 were also infected with HIV. So far, 1,757 people with one or both of these viruses have died.

Since then all donated blood is screened for any viruses before it's use. However many still haven't been diagnosed and are at risk of infecting others without knowing. 1 in 20 men in the UK have HIV. Over a quarter of gay men with HIV don't know they are infected. In 2009, nearly 40% of gay men diagnosed with HIV were diagnosed too late! after the point they should have received treatment. This not only has a serious impact on their health but means it is more likely they will have infect others.

Reforma Movement Theatre in collaboration with DMRM Productions bring you Red Ribbon Diaries, three very different stories about those dealing directly and indirectly with HIV and Aids and their struggles and survival.

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