What Do You Want From Me plays with status, dynamics and the TV remote through comical, lyrical and technical Dance Theatre, which explores the realities of a modern relationship and how we communicate to get what we want. An empathetic piece of performance which will have you as the audience, laugh out loud and question how we annoy yet love one and other.

What Do You Want From Me has been performed in a range of theatres (Robert Powell Theatre), festivals (Not Part Of, National Student Drama Festival), studio spaces and site specifically. The work is based in an everyday lounge with the basic set of a sofa, television and DVD player. Inspired by everyday relationships in an everyday environment, the idea is that the audiences are looking through the fourth wall of a couple’s home.

The atmosphere created is that the male character is watching an action movie loudly, and does not want to be disturbed. The work was inspired by our own company experiences of male and female ideal night in. This has lead to a comical portrayal of a couples struggle to communicate whilst the TV blares and the remote control becomes the object of power. Developed by Manchester’s acclaimed scriptwriter Chris Thorpe, this piece is performed with the surrealism of dance theatre techniques, such as impressive physical durability, lifting, swiftness of movement whilst acting naturalistically.


The Stage Review


"I must confess a slight lack of affection for physical theatre, but What Do You Want From Me? gives me a lot more faith in the potential of the form"

"At last, a piece of physical theatre based around characters and a story to which we can relate, which doesn’t take itself too seriously"

"For me, the highlight of the show is the second act, ‘What Do You Want From Me?’. A humorous and true to life account of a relationship where the all too familiar tales of a strained couple are brought to life by the two dancers whose brilliant chemistry makes the act all the more relatable"

"The ideas are beautifully simple"